Exceptional Children Level Two

Exceptional Children Level Two


Exceptional Children Level Two focuses on improving the emotional and cognitive functions of young children and those with special needs. It delves even more deeply into using primitive reflexes to develop language, motor ability, attention, impulse control, and sensory processing in exceptional children. This course covers the testing and integration of several reflexes, including the Moro and Fear Paralysis Reflexes, Plantar, Babkin, Grasp, Hands Pulling, as well as games and activities to integrate these reflexes. If there are students with Cerebral Palsy available to attend class the second day, we show how to use BRMT in this special situation. There are a few hours spent on introducing the effects of diet. 

Prior requirements are Exceptional Children Level One or BRMT Level One and Two.

Exceptional Children Levels One and Two were accepted by the Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy and the Alaska Board of Physical Therapy for continuing education credits.

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