fast facts about EMFS

  1. On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio-frequency fields as "Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans".

  2. The California Department of Public Health released a warning about the negative health consequences of EMF exposure.

  3. An estimated 3% of people demonstrate EHS (electro-hypersensitivity). This doesn't include those with normal levels of sensitivity.

  4. Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer, testifies against putting 5G technology into schools because of the potential health consequences.

  5. Our cells communicate with bio-electric impulses. Electromagnetic frequencies interrupt these signals, which can cause health problems.

  6. EMFs are non-ionizing radiation. This means that they do not have the power to break chemical bonds, but they can and do have health consequences. For example, non-ionizing ultraviolet and infrared waves from the sun can harm the skin and eyes.

  7. SAR (specific absorption rate) values are assigned to every cell phone on the market. This number signifies how quickly body tissue absorbs radiation during cell phone use.

  8. Our environment accounts for 70% of how our immune system changes throughout our lives, while our DNA accounts for only 30%. This affects aging and vulnerability to disease. Read about this Stanford research on epigenetics here. (EMFs are a major environmental pollutant.)

  9. DNA conducts electricity because of its double-helix structure. This creates an antennae effect that allows it to pick up and react to a wide range of EMF.

  10. EMF exposure can damage DNA, causing increased rates of cell mutations.

  11. Bias plays a huge role in research on EMFs - studies funded by the wireless industry only showed a biological effect on human beings about 28% of the time. Studies funded by other sources showed an effect 68% percent of the time.

  12. Children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of EMF. Their skulls are thinner, so the EMF rays can penetrate deeper into their developing brains.

  13. EMF exposure can decrease melatonin production and disrupt quality of sleep.

  14. EMFs may increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (study here). Children already have a more permeable blood-brain barrier than adults.

  15. Turning off clock radios and switching cell phones to airplane mode can greatly reduce nightly EMF exposure, and can even improve sleep.

  16. Every wireless device has fine-print instructions that specify a distance which the user should keep the device away from their body. For example, most wireless laptops say that they should be kept at least 20 cm (8 in) away from the body to prevent “exceeding FCC radiation exposure limits”. Any closer and you will be exposing your body to untested radiation exposure.

  17. The intensity of EMFs decrease with distance - putting a cell phone on speaker instead of holding it up to your ear can help reduce levels of exposure.

  18. Smart meters are a major source of radio frequency radiation - and acknowledges that smart meters could increase cancer risk.

  19. The world’s bee populations have been suffering immensely in the past two decades. Multiple experiments have placed functioning mobile phones inside beehives, and within a period of days all of the bees stop returning to their hive. One hypothesis for why this occurs is that the frequencies interfere with the bees’ internal navigation system.

  20. In the United States, the last review for radio frequency limits was in 1996, and the reality is that these are limits are based on research from the 1980s .