It all started in 2004... 

Kate Wagner has been in the business of providing holistic educational therapy tools to teachers, therapists, and parents for 14 years. She was first introduced to Brain Gym by a friend who had been using it with her daughter, and soon realized just how powerful educational kinesiology can be. 

In 2008, Kate discovered Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training. She had been searching for ways to help her son, who had been struggling with reading in school. After taking several courses and seeing the improvements in both of her children, Kate decided to leave public education, where had been teaching for 18 years, to become a BRMT instructor. She now teaches the work all over the United States and the world, She is a distributor, developer, and publisher of BRMT products in English.

Kate's daughter Riley grew up seeing how BRMT positively impacts the lives of those who use it. After graduating from Vanderbilt University in December, 2017, she decided to join Kate at Retrain the Brain. This mother-daughter team will work tirelessly to bring positive change to individuals around the world with easy-to-use, holistic health methods.