Private Consultations

Kate has had major success with her private clients. She specializes in ADD/ ADHD, anxiety, stress reduction, reading, dyslexia, and speech and language development. Her focus is on improving academic and physical performance in children and reducing pain and stress in adults.

Kate Wagner is an expert in Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training and Brain Gym, as she has been training in these holistic movement programs for over a decade. She is also the United States distributor of VIVOBASE devices, which are scientifically proven to improve health and wellness. 

With over 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools, Kate knows how to connect with and motivate today's youth. She takes a holistic view of health and wellness by looking for the root cause of common symptoms and diagnoses. 

If you want to schedule a private consultation with Kate or learn more about what she has to offer, call the number below. Retrain the Brain has changed the lives of hundreds of children and adults, and works in conjunction with all other approaches to enhance therapeutic outcomes.