VIVOBase Products

The scientifically-proven, German-engineered technology that will protect you in your home, your car, and your business from harmful radio-frequency energies. Visit our research page to learn more about how these powerful devices work, and our shop to make one of them your own.



The VIVOBASE Home is a small (4.5 inch diameter) device that can be plugged into any outlet in the home. By generating an electrostatic field in all directions, it is able to align the water molecules in the body in a way that prevents damaging radiation from entering. The Home device provides a 30 meter radius of coverage, so that everyone in the house experiences the protection it offers - pets and plants included. It does not need to be recharged, and will remain effective as long as it is plugged in.



The VIVOBASE Mobile is a portable device that protects the user from WiFi, cellular radiation, and other electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). It provides a 3 foot radius of coverage, and can easily be carried in a purse, bag, or pocket. It has a lithium-ion battery and can be charged by a mini-USB interface. It is available in pink, yellow, gray, black, blue and green.



All passengers in cars are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from smartphones, Bluetooth, GPS, seat heating and other sources. Due to the "Faraday cage" effect, this radiation is  reflected and multiplied within the car. The drivers/occupants of electric cars are exposed to additional EMFs from the electric engine. Even small exposure levels pose a safety risk on long journeys. VIVOBASE Car protects during each trip, activating a natural protective shield to ensure that all passengers arrive rested and safe. 

How does it work?


Our body consists largely of water and is controlled by bioelectrical impulses. Electromagnetic smog can disturb these natural processes due to the penetration of rays into the body. Optimal cell care is hindered. The VIVOBASE products provide protection against electromagnetic smog by generating an electric field, which imitates a natural field and can therefore be used safely.

In contrast to electromagnetic fields, which produce frequencies and vibrations which move (comparable to the function principle of a microwave), there is no movement in the VIVOBASE field. The natural metabolic processes of your cells are not affected.

The generated field orients water molecules of living beings in the uppermost skin layer (orientation polarization). Water molecules are dipoles; they have a permanent electrical dipole moment due to their asymmetric structure, i.e., there is a negatively charged side (oxygen atom) and a positively charged side (both hydrogen atoms). Thanks to the special field that VIVOBASE products create, water molecules in the body are prevented from following high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation. As a result, the cells in the body can again absorb sufficient water and the harmful effect of electromagnetic smog is greatly reduced. Consequently, living beings can maintain their health despite being subject to an environment of radiation.